Ferrari: Race to Immortality

The late nineteen fifties were known as golden years in the world of motor racing yet this was the most dangerous era in the sport. Champions were made and lost on a Sunday, and no losses were greater than those of Enzo Ferrari’s Scuderia.  A towering figure in motor racing, Ferrari’s reputation went before him, yet when he spoke of himself he simply said “I am an agitator of men”. British racing heroes, Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins joined the hotbed of fearless young drivers who would stop at nothing to win knowing their friendship would prevail no matter which of them takes home the world championship.  As the death toll within the team rises, the stakes become higher and the quest for glory will push them to pay the ultimate price.

Ferrari: Race to Immortality tells the story of the loves and losses, triumphs and tragedy of a turbulent era that shook the motor racing world.